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Nov 11, 2010

Thinking Wrong, Doing Right

John Bielenberg

About this video


Why do people do things the way they do? In 2003, John Bielenberg created a program called Project M with the intention of answering this very question. John will explore Project M’s work to help a conservation area in Costa Rica, Micro-financing in Ghana, New Orleans after Katrina, and most recently, address the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Alabama. With these examples as a guide, John will illustrate his “think wrong” model, a process that encourages participants to cast off embedded assumptions and approach design from a fresh perspective. Wrong thinking, John believes, can produce a positive and significant impact on the world.


John Bielenberg

John helps organizations find the courage to consider new "wrong" ways of thinking. John’s belief in thinking wrong developed into Project M, a program designed to inspire and educate young designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers. In his career, John has won over 250 design awards, and was nominated for 2 National Design Awards from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.