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May 29, 2023

The Future of Designers is not in Designing

Glen Hougan

About this video


The future competition for design will not be from other designers and their designs but from AI. Design education needs to start articulating a response to this development. The problem is that we have never seen anything in design like the AI platforms, with the ability to replicate the designer's hand, and increasingly their eye in generating endless visual content. AI increasingly sophisticated command of visual communication will only get better and we may have to chart a new course in design education. The presentation will provide insight into how we might respond to AI, based on how design education responded in the past to other challenges, which forced design educators to widen the scope of design competencies, but not necessarily deepen them. To identify how design can meet the AI challenge, an investigation of the current state of design education using the AEIOU (Activity, Environment, Interaction, Objects, Users) method will be presented. This will both identify problem areas that may be hindering our response and opportunity areas that can help strengthen our response.


Glen Hougan