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May 02, 2018

Taking a Design Stretch

Samantha Warren
Samantha Warren on stage at DesignThinkers 2018 in Vancouver

About this video


Product design can be a delicate balance of iteration and forward thinking innovation. Ideas for the future can come from the craziest places and without concrete illustrations few people will be able to follow you to grander places. Samantha describes how her product design team took a step back and Design Stretch. A Stretch Assignment is a project given that is beyond the current knowledge or skill of a team. It challenges by placing teams in uncomfortable situations where they must learn and grow. Join Samantha as she explains how a Design Stretch can energize your team, build your team culture and help you achieve your goals whether that developing a long-term vision for a product or just keeping the day to day task list moving forward.


Samantha Warren

As the Experience Design Manager for Adobe Stock and Typekit Samantha leads the product design team and vision for Adobe creative marketplace. She has been a Design Director for agencies on the East Coast, a product design consultant for startups across Silicon Valley, and a designer at Twitter. A few years ago she championed, a method for establishing a visual language during the design process. She loves the outdoors, painting, mid-century modern furniture, and her cross-eyed cat.