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Nov 06, 2015

Practical Strategies for Making Accessibility a Core Part of the Web Design Process

Adam Rallo RGD

Adam Rallo RGD

Catalyst Workshop

Adam is a passionate design educator, and the Principal of Catalyst Workshop, a Toronto based design consultancy. His recent Masters of Inclusive Design (MDes) research focused on working with blind web designers and developers in building a seminal body of knowledge and policy recommendations to increase the physical functional diversity of post-secondary design institutions. A vocal proponent of accessible and inclusive user-centric design, he is dedicated to creating positive social impact through the interaction of design, pedagogy, and technology. Adam is the lead author of the book AccessAbility 2: A Practical Handbook on Accessible Graphic Design. A proud Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) of Ontario, he is the Past President of the RGD Certification Board for Graphic Designers. In 2018 RGD named him as the inaugural winner of their Canadian college design educator of the year award. As a designer, Adam’s diverse body of work has been awarded and presented in various publications, exhibitions and institutions across North America. He has also been invited as a professional speaker and writer on topics ranging from accessibility, design, education, inclusivity, entrepreneurship, and technology. Adam spends whatever free time he has left pursuing his obsessions with gaming, hacking, and making music.