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Nov 01, 2020

Perfect isn't Better

Adam J. Kurtz

About this video


One of the toughest challenges is just doing our work. In this fast-paced and vulnerable presentation, artist and author Adam encourages us not to embrace failure so much as understand that perfection isn’t the only road to success. In fact, “perfect” may not even exist at all. Kurtz doesn’t claim to be an expert: in this uproarious talk, he offers some useful panaceas to the pressures of creative perfection:
- Why the actual execution should be only half of your design focus
- Understanding what makes our work resonate
- How honesty and kindness have propelled his own creative career
- What factors (besides talent) contribute to “success” in art, and in life


Adam J. Kurtz

Adam’s illustrative work is rooted in honesty, humour and a little darkness. His books, including 1 Page at a Time, are translated into over a dozen languages. His work for clients such as Facebook and Urban Outfitters has been featured in The New Yorker, VICE and Adweek.