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Jun 27, 2013

More is More

Alex Trochut

About this video


One of Spain’s most internationally renowned designers, Alex’s work embodies the philosophy “More is more”. His designs, rich with graceful, vivid executions that convey both indulgence and control, take the modern notion of minimalism and flip it on its head. Drawing from both his intimate side and his professional side, Alex discusses his distaste for neutrality and the creative process behind his commercial works, all the while exploring how he gathers inspiration from art, illustration, design, comic books and heroes. He also explains how embracing both personal freedom and the commercial limitations of others’ directions can expand your boundaries, making you more complete. After all, when it becomes possible to drop some of your graphic habits and attempt a total reset on your next project…that’s when things get really interesting.


Alex Trochut

Alex is an illustrator, designer and typographer known for his geometrically precise yet fluid, sensual forms. His work is sought after for its ability to elevate a simple word or symbol into a piece of inspiring conceptual art. Alex established his Barcelona-based design studio in 2007 and now divides his time between Brooklyn and Barcelona. His clients include Coca Cola, Nike, the Rolling Stones, The New York Times and Absolut. As a speaker, he has travelled worldwide to lecture on various art and design topics. In 2011, Alex published More is More.