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Nov 04, 2020

Pencils Before Pixels: Boost Creativity in your (Home) Workplace

Robert Smith RGD

About this video


Bust out your pencils and sketchbooks for this one! In this interactive session, we’ll delve into simple creativity hacks and tools to reignite your passion at work, especially when you’re facing a deadline and working from home. This is not a drawing class. All too often we sit in front of the computer with an assignment but no real plan. Pair that with looming deadlines and a makeshift home workspace, and the result can be less than ideal. We’ll explore some ways you can step away from the computer and use nothing more than a pencil, paper and the world around you to conceptualize your best work more efficiently. You’ll walk away with practical skills and techniques to use in your daily work and feel more inspired while doing it. And yes, you will be sketching.