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Nov 04, 2023

Creative Violence Solves Everything

Noel Cottrell
Photo of Noel Cottrell on stage at Meridian Hall Photo by Nadia Otake Prov. RGD

About this video


Every day, it seems there’s a new social platform to master, briefs get longer and our jobs as creatives get more confusing. In this ever-evolving world, we need to focus on what we do best. There is no marketing or advertising problem that can’t be solved with creative violence. Join Noel as he explains WTF “creative violence” is and how best to harness it for good.


Noel Cottrell

A talking baby for E*TRADE, blindfolded dumpster-diving for Febreze, 1000 unique songs for names on Cokes, Rick Ross buying back the block for Checkers & Rally’s, French’s Mustard Ice Cream, Wendy as a mega-influencer, Pete David-son living smart for Smartwater and a 30ft GameBall Machine for AT&T and the NBA. Noel’s need to attack problems with creativity, to be hyper-collaborative and to diversify the ranks of advertising creatives drives him.