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Nov 14, 2023

Play as Practice

Nishat Akhtar
Image of Nishat Akhtar on stage presenting Photography: Nadia Otake Prov. RGD

About this video


Let’s talk about the importance of play in the creative process. Join Nishat as she shares personal stories, work and professional insights that demonstrate how play is not only an essential tactic for our creative work, but also for ourselves, one another and our clients.


Nishat Akhtar

VP of Creative at Instrument, Nishat is a designer and creative leader with 15+ years of experience in designing and leading initiatives for global brands. She currently leads the design and writing disciplines at Instrument. Her portfolio spans design, branding, content creation and interactive experiences for Nike, Google and others. Nishat also has an ongoing illustration practice. This practice is often self-initiated, though also includes work with The New York Times, ACLU, Adobe and members of the Conde Nast network. Nishat cares deeply for the creative community, giving talks and art workshops across the globe (and via video) in academic and public environments.