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Jun 27, 2024

Navigating Feedback from Internal Clients

About this video


Arguably the most disruptive part of any Creative workflow for In-House Creative Teams is the evaluation phase of any project large or small. From ensuring internal client(s) understand the thinking that lead to presented solutions, to navigating their feedback. The In-House Creative Team at CAA South Central Ontario has made strides in sorting through that chaos and has seen improvements in how creative is reviewed, how feedback is delivered and how we take action to move projects forward. Our workflow has improved with fewer revisions, better quality creative and an increased level of trust between Creative Services and our peers across the organization. By sharing our experience and methodology with the Design community, we hope to help our peers find ways in which they can improve their workflows and increase trust among their internal clients.


About Carlo Triassi

As a strategic thinker, problem solver and visual translator, developing strategic creative is my passion. As a Creative Leader, I have spent much of my career developing and managing successful programs for various internationally recognized brands. As a Team Leader I have developed and institute strategies, processes and workflows that improve productivity, quality and efficiency among various multi-faceted teams. With a career in both in-house and agency environments, I have honed my creative acumen and organizational skills to provide strategic, thought-provoking solutions to all challenges large or small.As a strategic thinker, problem solver and visual translator, developing strategic creative is my passion. 


About Albert Pasceri

Albert is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in graphic design, currently serving as the Unit Manager of Content Design at CAA (South Central Ontario) in the Creative Services area. In this role, he leads a team of talented graphic designers, writers, animators, and video producers. Albert specializes in creating impactful and dynamic content that resonates with audiences. Albert's journey in graphic design was ignited by his profound love for drawing and a deep interest in human interaction. Throughout his career, he has been a fervent advocate of human-centered design principles, underlining the transformative power of storytelling and strategic thinking in crafting compelling visual narratives that inspire and engage. In 2024, he was honoured with the prestigious RGD In-House Design Award for his commitment to design excellence. The award recognized his crucial role in successfully launching a wellness brand. This included establishing its name, developing the logo, branding identity, and overseeing it’s rollout. In addition to his professional achievements, Albert is passionate about nurturing curiosity and fostering thought leadership among emerging graphic designers. He encourages aspiring professionals to ask questions, explore diverse perspectives, and continuously push the boundaries of creativity.