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Jan 04, 2022

Mr. Masking

Alfredo Enciso
Alfredo Enciso presenting with photo of man on screen

About this video


Join Alfredo as he explains how and why he and Pupila fell in love with Mr. Masking's work. And, after looking for him for over 6 years, found him, invited a photographer and writer friend to follow him, produced a book about/with him and presented his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. Gerardo Picado, a.k.a ;Mr. Masking, was a self-taught sign painter (un)known for his very unique use of masking tape to create his letterforms. Without being aware of it, over the span of 35 years, Mr. Masking created a typeface, his typeface, which ended up becoming the font of a city.


Alfredo Enciso

Alfredo is a designer with an unexplainable love for Excel, but a sharp eye for art direction. Over the past 16 years, he's worked in advertising, founded PUPILA, created and organized a huge international creative festival, designed and art-directed several branding, packaging and editorial projects, co-founded a thriving specialty coffee brand and - most importantly - created hundreds of unmemorable jokes. Born in the Amazon jungle of Peru, Alfredo traveled to Costa Rica in 2002 searching for a career, and found love. As per PUPILA, you may say they're a rather unconventional design studio with a love affair for all things branding. Born in 2010 in the tropical paradise called Costa Rica, their work is in over 20 countries around the world, with clients ranging from local entrepreneurs to big-ass corporations. They've been invited to speak at different international creative events, and you're reading this bio in, coincidently, one of them. They have also been published in several international magazines and design publications, and have recently decided that the studio's spirit animal is a toad eating ramen.