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Jan 04, 2022

Leverage User Research to Drive Product Strategy

Heidi Trost
Title slide with words Leverage User Research to Drive Product Strategy, DesignThinkers Conference, November 2021

About this video


In effort to quickly get a new product or feature out the door, teams often miss out on taking advantage of the strategic impact user research can have. Maybe you're doing some user research in the design stage, but are you thinking about the bigger picture? Are you uncovering opportunities for your organization? Learn how to leverage the right user research methods to provide real value to your users and set your digital products apart from the competition.


Heidi Trost

Heidi is a user experience researcher, designer, and usability expert. As the founder and Director of UX at Voice+Code, she helps companies make informed user experience decisions and demonstrate a UX ROI. Her goal is to develop digital experiences that are safe, usable, and accessible. She has been an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute.