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Nov 05, 2022

Creating Context: How Does an Object’s Context Influence our Perception of that Object?

Lauren Scully & Brian Studak
Photo of Lauren Scully and Brian Studak on stage speaking

About this video


Canadian designers Lauren and Brian have been working in London, England for over two decades. They founded Plaid in 2013 and collaborate with museums and brands to create spatial designs which engage and inspire visitors. Join Lauren and Brian as they discuss the roles of atmosphere, visitor agency, production and accessibility in their projects and how ideas are synthesized into their spatial design practice.


Lauren Scully & Brian Studak

Lauren Scully and Brian Studak lead Plaid, a London-based, cross-disciplinary studio. The studio specializes in designing immersive brand and museum environments. Lauren and Brian are hands-on designers with a wealth of experience gained in the fields of product, interior and architectural design.