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Nov 01, 2022

Inflection Point

Eric Hu
Eric Hu on stage presenting, type on screen behind him

About this video


Designers often find themselves in a perpetual state of identity crisis. We tell ourselves that it's a science and not an art and at the same time we call ourselves creatives. We say it's about the big idea and not the tools, until you ask us to make something outside of our preferred software suites. At the same time, the field is splintering—product and brand have felt further apart than they've ever been. While design has always been known to carry its own industry specific codes and rules, the cultural and technological shifts have introduced an entire new set of concerns, mottos, conventions, and ideologies that make it hard to find ones place in their own practice. What does good design even mean anymore? In this talk, Eric Hu reflects on how a paralyzing fear of asking for help and the attention span of a house fly has helped him navigate design in its extremes, from the academic to the professional, from the traditional to the technological, from a single person freelancer, to the leading a large corporate team and what he ultimately thinks is the one rule that matters.


Eric Hu

Eric is an independent creative director and typographer. Through the visual identity work of his eponymous design studio, his art direction for Mold Magazine, previous tenures leading design at Nike and SSENSE, Eric has been influential in shaping the visual language of some of the most lasting cultural, commercial and institutional voices of the past decade.