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Nov 03, 2017

How to Travel Anywhere, Make Sense of the World and Make a Difference by Jan Chipchase

About this video


Field research operates with a single goal: To better understand the world. The insights it generates impact design, strategy, policy and brand. The key to great field research requires an approach that pushes designers and clients to reframe their relationships with one another and users. How do you build and interact with local teams? How do you structure live/work spaces that are optimised for teamwork and sense making? How do you embrace the ethical issues inherent in research? Join Jan as he reflects on what it takes to operate globally, the ethics of pushing social norms and the hard lessons of getting the best out of diverse teams.

About Jan Chipchase
Prior to starting Studio D, Jan was Principal Scientist in the Nokia Research Laboratory Tokyo where he specialised in emerging market consumers. For four years he lead the global insight practice at innovation consultancy frog. His first book, Hidden in Plain Sight (published by Harper Business) explored the opportunities from reframing the world through human centered design. His third, The Field Study Handbook, is a how-to, why-to guide to operating anywhere, and has been described as ;a blueprint for living in the future.