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May 27, 2023

How to Kaizen Design Education to Face Challenges of Living in the VUCA world by Vivien Anayian

Vivien Anayian

About this video


Gone are the days when designers only worked in teams with other designers. Designers today work with engineering, marketing, sales and need not only understand but also speak the language of business, partner with multi-disciplinary and cross-functional teams and educate on the power and value of design. Additionally, we live in unprecedented times, best described as VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). VUCA has a significant impact on design education as it changes the way designers approach their work and the skills they need to be successful. 

Meet Kaizen: Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that means "continuous improvement" and is a methodology that focuses on making small incremental changes to processes, systems and products to achieve better outcomes over time. Kaizen can help redesign teaching and learning practices to enhance student engagement, learning outcomes and teacher effectiveness. In this presentation, we’ll look at how to kaizen design education to face the challenges of living in the VUCA world, such as creating a feedback loop, incorporating experiential learning, encouraging a growth mindset, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, incorporating reflection and self-assessment, fostering a culture of questioning, using a multi-sensory approach to teaching students with neurodiversity, promoting collaborative learning, positive psychology and much more.


Vivien Anayian