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Jan 06, 2022

How To Get Clients When You're Just Starting Out

Lauren Gonzalez

About this video


In this talk, you will learn tips and tricks of how and where to find clients when you are just starting out in the freelance world. During your time with Lauren, she will show you all the ways that have helped her to land clients right from the start of her freelance career even when she had no social media or online presence. This will include immediate client-attracting methods as well as ways to achieve long-term client consistency.


Lauren Gonzalez

Lauren is an award-winning designer and creative director. She has worked in the creative industries for over 13 years with a background in illustration and animation. After working in-house as a Creative Director for 6 years, Lauren set out on her own, building a design business from scratch with a strong focus on brand identity and package design. After hitting many bumps and struggles of finding work in those first six months of her design business, she was able to grow her business to what it is now, a consistent client base and income machine. She’s had the opportunity to work with clients such as Disney and Paul Newman. After realizing how many other freelance designers struggle, she created an educational business for designers, 4 The Creatives, with the primary mission to stop designers from being undervalued and provide a roadmap for them to build their own dream businesses that give them steady income. She continues to put out weekly content on YouTube and Instagram as well as runs her signature course program called the Consistent Clients Blueprint, where her students learn to set up their own successful design businesses.