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Nov 17, 2021

How do you listen – to business, society, yourself and your design?

Christof Zürn

About this video


Join Christof for this interactive session to listen, tune, play and perform, based on the Music Thinking approach.


Christof Zürn

Christof develops tools, training and workshops to inspire people to think from different perspectives at the same time. He specializes in helping individuals, teams and organizations to make the step from iteration to innovation to transformation. He is a seasoned professional in multiple roles from Creative Director to Design Thinking Coach, Service Designer to Facilitator or Musician. Christof is the author of the Music Thinking Jam Cards and the host of The Power of Music Thinking podcast. For the past 10 years, he has been a freelance trainer and coach at the Design Thinkers Academy and was Chief Design Officer at the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam. Previously he worked as Interactive Creative Director at Studio Dumbar and Clockwork.