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Nov 27, 2013

Heroes: Super, Design, Real and Imaginary

Karin Fong

About this video


One of the founding members of Imaginary Forces, Karin infuses her work with both filmmaking and design savvy. She has earned multiple nominations and an Emmy for title design. Her title designs include Boardwalk Empire, Terminator:Salvation, Ray and Rubicon. Karin also shoots live-action for commercial campaigns, including Herman Miller, Target and Honda. Her vision has since extended to a cinematics for the Sony Playstation game God of War III, and large-scale video installations for Lincoln Center, Times Square and the LA Opera. 


Karin Fong

Karin will walk through case studies of her work, detailing the process of creating commercials and main titles for film, television, and other onscreen stories. She’ll talk about the heroes and characters that have inspired her along the way, and about how creating a cinematic experience uses and builds upon myth.