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Nov 27, 2014

Drinking the Creative Kool-Aid: Tapping into In-House Teams for Strategic Innovation

Andy Epstein

About this video


Companies have a hidden asset in their midst that, if leveraged, could drive innovation throughout their organizations. This untapped resource of creativity resides in the in-house teams that are too often relegated to executional roles. The same processes, talents, methodologies and culture that in-house teams use to create design deliverables can be applied to strategic business challenges. But someone needs to invite these right-brain thinkers to the party and open up opportunities for others in the company to participate in the creative process. Andy Epstein presents the problem-solving practices of in-house teams that can be leveraged by an entire organization as well as strategies to initiate collaboration between these teams and internal business partners. Real-world examples and various business models provide actionable ways to ignite innovation right away.


Andy Epstein

Andy Epstein started his career as a freelance designer and illustrator. Jumping into the world of in-house in 1992, Andy created and grew in-house design teams for Commonwealth Toy and Gund. He later restructured and expanded the hundred-person creative team at Bristol-Myers-Squibb and consulted at Johnson & Johnson. After a three year stint at Designer Greetings leading an in-house design team responsible for the company’s product lines and Point Of Sales materials, Andy has moved back into pharma heading up a 65+ managed services team for The BOSS Group at Merck. Andy has written and spoken extensively on in-house issues and published The Corporate Creative, in 2010. Sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. RGD and Provisional RGD delegates may register a client to attend Andy's presentation free of charge.