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Nov 02, 2020

Designing with Newfound Purpose and Urgency

Sean Carney

About this video


With the world facing some of the toughest healthcare challenges of our lifetime, designers can and must step up and be part of the solution. Where the loudest often get the most, designers need to advocate for those without a voice. We must design for everyone, not just the privileged few. But how? How can designers help to solve some of the toughest healthcare challenges of our lifetime? Join us as Sean explores three very tangible and pragmatic design approaches.


Sean Carney

As the Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Philips, Sean deeply believes that radical empathy is the birthplace of design thinking. Leading the Philips Experience Design Global organization, he’s responsible for the overarching creative and design thought leadership at Philips and strives to advocate and embed Design Thinking and User-Centered Design approaches across all Philips businesses. To compliment his CDO responsibilities, he’s also the Business Leader for the Healthcare Transformation Services (HTS) Business. HTS provides patient-focused consulting services to help hospitals and healthcare systems achieve sustainable improvements in clinical excellence, operational efficiency, care delivery, and financial performance. HTS collaborates with doctors, clinicians and patients to recommend and help implement best practices and performance improvement initiatives. Under Sean’s leadership, Philips Experience Design and HTS strive to create and design exceptional patient and clinician experiences, ultimately reimagining and redesigning the future of healthcare in this modern, connected and ageing world.