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Nov 02, 2020

Designing Type

Oded Ezer, Eleni Beveratou:, Wael Morcos

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Graphic design is fundamentally rooted in the history of typography. We devote hours to trolling the internet in search of the perfect font, but what is the experience of type designers today? How are type designers influencing the future of graphic design? Join three type designers on an exploration of their contemporary trends and technologies impacting their careers, their work and our community. 

Hebrew Type Design
Tel Aviv based type designer Oded Ezer will showcase two of his newest typefaces and talk briefly about ancient and contemporary approaches to Hebrew type design. Oded Ezer is an art director, type designer and design educator, known worldwide for his cutting edge typographic design projects, and for his ongoing contribution to Hebrew type design.

Variable Fonts
Ever since Gutenberg first started printing we have been able to witness typographic trends that are often connected to trends in fashion, architecture, and other disciplines of the visual arts. Typography has also been heavily influenced by technological advancements, for example the introduction of Variable fonts. In this talk, Eleni will explain how Variable Fonts are shaping new digital layout discussions and illustrate how type designers are focussing more than ever on developing typefaces that support writing systems that were previously neglected and misrepresented, enabling graphic designers from all over the world to communicate with the right tone of voice, in their language.

Right-to-left: Arabic
Translating typographic concepts from one writing system to another comes with a set of challenges. Consideration for historic contexts, technological advances and letterforms all come into play. In this talk, Wael Morcos shares some of his current work at Morcos Key including a series of Arabic Lettering posters, the Arabic version of IBM's latest typeface and the Arabic counterpart to Commercial Type's bestseller fonts.


Oded Ezer


Eleni Beveratou:


Wael Morcos