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Nov 24, 2019

Designing Social Change

Ti Chang

About this video


Women’s pleasure has long been stigmatized — wrapped up in social constructs and gendered expectations. So, designing a line of sex toys for women was anything but an easy journey. Ti discusses the ups, downs and in-betweens of trying to bust through stigma and start conversations using innovative design as the centerpiece. Join Ti as she shares her journey of navigating traditional employment, building a company and designing for social change.


Ti Chang

Ti Chang is an industrial designer and entrepreneur passionate about designing for women. Her design-centric luxury vibrator company, Crave, is the leading brand for women’s pleasure found in mainstream retail stores. Ti leads the concept and design for the company’s full line of products which has won numerous awards including Red Dot, IDEA and Good Design. Ti understands how products can deeply influence user experience. Crave’s blend of heightened aesthetic, technology and manufacturing savvy is helping to bring pleasure products out of the dark shadows of stigma and into mainstream conversations.