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Nov 02, 2020

Designing a Creative Career

Liza Enebeis, Oliver Siegenthaler, Christopher Doyle, Alex Center

About this video


What does it mean to be a professional creative? Join a collection of multi-talented creatives as they unpack their multiple identities, discuss how they found their purpose and define success on their own terms. Speakers will provide a 10-15 minute presentation followed by Q&A/Discussion. 

Liza Enebeis: An Outsider's Perspective

How being an outsider helped me form my design career.

Alex Center: Finding My Center
Alex will share the stories behind 15 years of building iconic brands, leaving his super cozy job at Coca-Cola to launch his own company and how it all lead him to the most important project of his career, himself.

Oliver Siegenthaler: Never Stop Making
Over your career, growing as a professional and as a designer, you will experience different stages with different goals. Some of these goals you will achieve and some you won't. But there is no failure or success — in the end, the only thing that matters is how much you did to fulfil your purpose, as a designer, as a professional, as a person.

Christopher Doyle: Give Everything Away
Christopher spent 12 years in brand and design agencies in Sydney prior to setting up his studio in 2013. Currently, Christopher Doyle & Co.’s work spans campaigns for global clients like Spotify through to brand identity work for start-ups and arts organisations. Chris’ talk will take a deep dive into how he stumbled his way into graphic design, the moments that changed and defined his way of thinking about ideas and design and the key behaviours and attitudes he subscribes to for a creative career.


Liza Enebeis


Oliver Siegenthaler


Christopher Doyle


Alex Center