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Aug 02, 2021 Available for 10 days

Designer Pain Points by David Nuff & Fungi Dube

About this video


Join this panel to hear tips for dealing with anxiety around presenting your work, pricing (and undervaluing) yourself and dealing with clients.

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

David Nuff RGD, Designer & Principal at Nuff in Toronto, ON

Dare to Freelance: Tips to Becoming A More Confident Designpreneur

Presented by Fungi Dube, Creative Entrepreneur & Creative Director at Asambe Mobility in Harare, Zimbabwe

Thinking of breaking out and heading a solo creative career? This talk aims to empower and equip transitioning designers with the necessary creative toolkit that will help them to pivot towards becoming successful and independent designpreneurs. This talk will address the importance of and how to effectively navigate:

  • Stepping into a recognizable and distinct style
  • Positioning yourself to attract your ideal client
  • Developing foolproof systems that facilitate quality client acquisition, easing client onboarding and having successful design outcomes
  • Pricing strategies to maximize value retention
  • Cancelling out fear and/or doubts
  • Flourishing as an independent designpreneur