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Nov 04, 2008

Design Emergency

Alice Rawsthorn

About this video


Design has been one of our most powerful tools in the Covid-19 crisis. The ingenuity, resourcefulness and generosity of designers and their collaborators worldwide has produced innovations that have helped to protect us from Covid-19, to improve its treatment and to prepare for the radical changes it has imposed. Join Alice, author of Design as an Attitude and co-founder of the Design Emergency research platform, as she explores the successes, failures and long-term impact of design’s response to the pandemic and its aftermath.


Alice Rawsthorn

Alice is an award-winning design critic and author, whose books include Hello World: Where Design Meets Life and, most recently, Design as an Attitude. Her weekly design column for The New York Times was syndicated worldwide for over a decade. An influential public speaker and social media commentator on design, Alice has participated in important global events including TED and the annual meetings of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Alice has been awarded an OBE for services to design and the arts. She is a co-founder with Paola Antonelli of the Design Emergency project to investigate design’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath