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Nov 04, 2022

Defy Boring: How to make people care about dry subjects

Lionel Gadoury RGD

About this video


Like many firms and in-house departments, we’ve never worked on flashy advertising for a car or beer company. We’ve found success creating purposeful design communications for areas in which we can have real social impact. But what makes people act for the greater good? What are the points of persuasion that lead to a-ha moments? How do you make people care about dry subjects that they often can’t see, feel or buy? Through the lens of applied case studies, Lionel and Christine present examples from Context's 20+ year history in conservation marketing to demonstrate how to use insights, images and messages to appeal to hearts and minds. They’ll explore how conventional, or old-school tactics, like print, newspaper and radio, can still have significant influence if you use them in compelling and interesting ways. And they’ll explain how to pinpoint what makes people act and identify the most appropriate and effective ways to reach them where they are. In this session, you will learn:How to identify insights to bring persuasiveness to messaging and imageryHow to tease out the simplicity in complex ideasHow to think about inclusivity when developing ideas and designing for a variety of audiencesHow to choose channels and tactics that resonate with your audience

About Christine Caruso & Lionel Gadoury RGD
For as long as she can remember, Christine has straddled the line between design and content—an identity crisis she’s since leaned into.Her career as a storyteller took off at age six, with her debut publication: “Why I’m not going to camp.” Since then, she has continued to persuade audiences as an award-winning copywriter and strategist for clients in the energy, healthcare, financial and B2B sectors. At Context, she works collaboratively with creative teams on campaigns, videos and websites that inspire, engage and make information easy to understand. Christine holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Design from Carleton University and has also taught communications for designers at George Brown College. 

Lionel has always been a creative entrepreneur, first founding the successful firm Insync Creative, then co-founding Fireworks Creative, prior to founding Context Creative in 2001. With an insatiable curiosity, Lionel is always thinking of how to engage audiences, convey messages and position brands in a world that is constantly changing. Under his leadership, Context has won over 70 international awards and many commendations. As a Past-President of the RGD, he worked collaboratively to advance professional standards, accessibility guidelines and certification. Lionel’s goal is to put graphic design and communications to work, helping clients act on new opportunities and creating memorable campaigns that achieve goals while putting sustainable processes in place.