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Dec 12, 2012

Data, News and Design

Lisa Strausfeld

About this video


Why is data visualization important? Why do some data visualizations succeed and others fail, and how can this criteria be generalized to other design media? This talk will take a critical look at the ever-emerging discipline of data visualization and debut some recent work from Bloomberg’s new data visualization team.


Lisa Strausfeld

Lisa’s appearance at DesignThinkers will be her first in her new role at Bloomberg. She joined the company in January of this year to build and lead a new team dedicated to creating consumer-focused interactive data products. From 2002 to 2011 Lisa was a partner at Pentagram, where she specialized in digital information design projects of all sizes for cultural and corporate clients. She has a background in design and technology and found her passion for visualizing data as a student at the MIT Media Lab. Lisa was a recipient of the National Design Award for Interaction Design in 2010.