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Nov 06, 2014


Javier Mariscal

About this video


Colours serve many purposes. Colours show the seasons. For designers, colours communicate our meaning and are translated into emotions. But the simple and most important purpose of colours is to express beauty. Javier uses visual poetry to tell the story of the world through all of the colours of the rainbow.



Javier Mariscal

Based in Barcelona, Javier is, first and foremost, an image creator. He has produced a diverse array of work, including furniture, painting, sculpture, illustration, graphic design, interior design and landscaping. He is widely known for his Atom Style comics and his iconic symbol for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He has collaborated with companies such as Swatch, Alessi, Lalique, Phaidon and Absolut Vodka. Recent projects include a retrospective at the Design Museum of London, a full-length cartoon with Fernando Trueba and interior design and graphics for Barcelona's H&M store.