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Sept 09, 2019

Brands are Bigger Than They Appear

About this video


As people make choices in their personal and public lives, they seek meaningful experiences. A brand is a way for them to encapsulate and describe these things, often in a commercial context. A cynic may view branding as deception, but power in the right hands can yield positive results with a cultural impact - from the biggest ideas to the smallest details. It can be hard to know where to begin to address the complexity of customer experience, but a recipe can help. In this webinar, Kevin introduces you to the concepts covered in the second edition of his book Brand Identity Essentials, including a model for thinking about brand building that can help you make decisions and create systems. Whether you're a studio designer, brand manager, student or educator you'll walk away with a reference to help guide the everyday decisions you make on the brand-building journey.

About Kevin Budelmann
Kevin is a speaker, writer, educator and president of People design. He is interested in design theory and practice in the context of business, technology and society. After his BA from Carnegie Mellon, he earned a Master of Design Methods from IIT Institute of Design. Kevin has served in leadership roles for the AIGA, Professional Association for Design, the Association of Professional Design Firms and is currently Global Vice President of IxDA, the Interaction Design Association. Kevin is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University.