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Nov 04, 2022

Branding a Food-Hall with 14 Venues, 400+ Products, a Market and Grocery with One Font (Without Making it Boring)

Matteo Bologna

About this video


A single font can have amazing brand-building potential, especially when pushed to its limits. There no more perfect example of this than within the Tin Building, Michelin-award-winning chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten new marketplace at the former site of NYC historic Fulton Fish Market, featuring 14 food venues with restaurants and two grocery stores. The varied branding and designs deceptively feature one font throughout the sprawling facility, representing a wide range of voices, cultures, tones and uses – exemplifying how each font has limitless applications that can help create entire worlds. Matteo's talk focuses on the creation of Tin Building No Exit Octagon (a custom typeface inspired by past Fulton Fish Market vendors) and its broad and varied use across the brand and sub-brands (from signage to digital to packaging and more), showing the power and flexibility of building a brand on a foundation of a single typeface.

You will:
- Learn how using a variable font can be useful in unifying the look of a complex branding system
- Learn how it is possible to create a unified, two-color branding system with hundreds of touch-points, all without feeling corporate or boring
- Learn the creative and strategic benefit of designing something new that, at the same time, is rooted in the past
- Understand how a solid brand narrative ;maintained religiously can simplify the process of designing a complex system


Matteo Bologna