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Jan 30, 2023

Discussion: Pink Flamingos & the Yellow Pages

Bob Hambly

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Host: Esther Sunghee Byun RGD
Moderator: Rupsha Mutsuddi Prov RGD

Pink Flamingos and the Yellow Pages: The Stories behind the Colors of Our World by Bob Hambly RGD Emeritus is a fascinating book that explores the significance of colours within the context of many designed artifacts paramount to everyday life. Through the use of skillful storytelling, Bob takes readers on a journey where the use of colour takes center stage in various different case studies on a global level.

The virtual RGD Book Club came together in our inaugural meeting to discuss Pink Flamingos and the Yellow Pages: The Stories behind the Colors of Our World by Bob Hambly. The book is a celebration of Bob's passion for colours and how they shape the design of our world and of our everyday life. He shared how central the use of colour has been to his design practice as Studio Co-Founder at Hambly & Woolley and how even now, he carries around his own sketchbook to archive colours he finds in his day-to-day life. The book was a natural evolution of his blog Colour Studies where he documents his love of different colours.

During our Book Club Breakout Rooms, participants engaged in insightful conversations about the various colour stories presented in the book. They shared their reflections; discussing the cultural connotations of colours, how colour can be used to convey messages in different designs, and how colours can be strategically used to enhance visual design. The discussions added another layer to our exploration of the book and members connected over their favourite colour stories. Our Book Club Members walked away with a new appreciation for colour and a desire to explore the different aspects of colours and hues in their work.

About Bob Hambly RGD Emeritus
After graduating from Hambly & Woolley three years ago, Bob continued his exploration of colour through his art and writing. His Colour Stories website caught the eye of Chronicle Books in San Francisco and April 2022 saw the launch of his book Pink Flamingos and the Yellow Pages. Although he has an unwavering love of the colour orange, he assures you, there are numerous runners-up.