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Dec 15, 2012

Be the Best in Your Own Backyard

Jake and Pum Lefebure

About this video


There are no free rides to the top, and fame doesn’t happen overnight. According to Jake and Pum, being the best means pouring every ounce of your creative energy (plus a splash of ego) into each project. Get tips on how to pick the projects that will help you get ahead in the dog-eat-dog world of design. And learn how one low-budget client can lead to a big-buck payday and why entering competitions and winning awards really does matter.


Jake and Pum Lefebure

Jake and Pum Lefebure co-founded Washington-based Design Army on the principle of “Dream big, start small.” As project leader, Jake oversees new business and creative development for all of the studio’s accounts, while Pum oversees all creative coming through the firm’s doors. Design Army’s client list refl ects a balanced mix of small businesses and international juggernauts including Chronicle Books, Disney, GE, NPR, Ritz Carlton and the Washington Ballet.