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Nov 02, 2011

2001 – 2011: A digital odyssey

Richard Morrison

About this video


Inspirations: 2001 – 2011: A digital odyssey Technology affects every aspect of human life; so much so the way we consume information now often defines our thinking. When we outsource our memory to a ‘machine’, we also outsource a very important part of our intellect and often our identity. Richard presents his journey through the transition from analog to digital, discusses its effects, and how he creatively approaches these two different worlds.


Richard Morrison

In a career spanning 30 years, Richard Morrison has created over 150 feature film title sequences for the industry’s most respected film directors and producers. His credits span Hollywood blockbusters such as Batman, A Fish Called Wanda and A Passage to India to cult classics like Brazil and Sweeney Todd. In 2001, Richard published CUT to critical acclaim. Richard is currently producing the big screen adaptation of The Dragon Conspiracy, based on the trilogy by P.R. Moredun.