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Nova Scotia Studios

District Design — Nova Scotia Studio

Narrative Environments Studio

Founded in 2021, Narrative Environments Studio specializes in branding and place-making. Led by John deWolf RGD, the studio crafts design solutions that blend creativity with inclusivity, fostering community engagement and connection. Its portfolio spans diverse projects, from local initiatives to national campaigns, all with a focus on meaningful storytelling and impactful experiences. Join this tour to see how Narrative Environments Studio transforms spaces and brands through their innovative approach.

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District Design Studio indoors, featuring white walls and a comfortable sitting area

District Design Co.

Nestled in Halifax's historic Hydrostone area is District Design Co., an award-winning, multidisciplinary studio that designs powerful brand, product and retail experiences. The coolest part of their studio? The team of six works around one twenty-two foot long table that they custom-built to foster a collaborative work environment. Take this tour to see it for yourself.

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