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2024 Categories

This year, RGD presents 18 categories with $18,000 CAD in cash awards for student work in all areas of communication design.


  • 52 Pick-up Award for Typography: any project that uses typography to achieve its goals.
  • Artista First Year Award: open to any student who has just finished (as of the deadline) their first year in a 3- or 4-year graphic design program (any type of work may be entered)
  • Context Creative Award for Accessible Design: any project that applies accessible design principles in the development of the design solution.
  • Creative Currency Award for Storytelling: any project that communicates and engages with a strong sense of narrative and purpose, combining words, images, graphics and your choice of media.
  • Entro Award for Placemaking Design: any project that helps build community through design interventions. This might be a poster for an event, a website for a tourist destination, a wayfinding system for a university or the design of a retail space.
  • Forge Media + Design Award for UX Design: any project that applies UX design principles.
  • Gravity Award for Social Good Design: any project that provides value to the community and/or helps to solve a local or global challenge. This could be a poster to promote a cause, a website for a non-profit organization or a design solution to a global challenge.
  • Issues Magazine Shop Award for Editorial Design: any project designed as an article, magazine, newspaper or publication in print and/or digital formats.
  • Modern Design Academy Award for Motion: any project designed to communicate complex data and content in a visually appealing way that is easier to understand and use.
  • OneMethod Award for Augmented Creativity: for any project that has AI incorporated as part of the design process.
  • q30 Award for Brand Design: any project that involves a visual set of associations representing a company, product, service or organization.
  • Pivot Award for Information Design: any project that involves the design of clear, concise and visually attractive materials that enhance how people read, understand and use complex and/or detailed information.
  • SLD Award for Packaging Design (Single): any project designed to enclose, protect and promote a single product for sale. 
  • SLD Award for Retail Design: any project the design for a physical store or as well as a virtual store created in the digital environment.
  • Studio Locale Award for Colour: any project that uses colour to achieve its goals.
  • Weaymouth Creative Award for Packaging (Series): any project designed to enclose, protect and promote a series of products for sale.
  • Works Design Award for Web Design: any website that communicates a company or organization's mission, objectives, products and services.
  • Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design: any project created to promote a specific business, program, event or special offer.