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Certification for Design Educators

Demonstrate your commitment to design professionalism & ethics and connect with the design community

Design Educators have a customized Certification Process that requires 3 case studies submitted as part of the application.

For educator case studies, choose projects that focus on teaching and research, demonstrating your ability to develop and implement effective teaching strategies.

The Test requirements for Design Educators are the same as for Design Practitioners and Managers.

Download the Educator Application

Design Educator Evaluation Criteria

1. Context (30%)

Candidates should frame the projects by explaining the context, their objectives and preferred outcomes. An ideal presentation demonstrates a clear understanding of the audience and identifies any restrictions or special considerations directly related to the final outcomes.

A. Clarity: Does the candidate understand the purpose of the project, and have they clearly defined the project objectives?
B. Knowledgeability: Does the candidate demonstrate a depth of knowledge about their audience, and the challenges being addressed?
C. Proficiency: Does the candidate present observations and details about the project in an appropriate and professional manner?

2. Method (30%)

Candidates should identify the steps they take in their process. An ideal presentation will show how their research, analysis or other information gathering and investigation contributed to the development of the projects.

A. Appropriateness: Does the strategy connect with the project challenges, and does it incorporate insights gained from their research and analysis?
B. Originality: Is the design approach tailored to the specific audience needs?
C. Proficiency: Does their process demonstrate professional design skills or expertise?

3. Results (30%)

Candidates should show how their projects were received by their audiences after completion. An ideal presentation will show how their solutions engaged or served their audiences as intended. It will also explain how the final projects addressed unexpected challenges.

A. Compatibility: Does the candidate describe how project deliverables achieve their goals and objectives?
B. Originality: Does the project result connect with the initial project goals that were established?
C. Proficiency: Did the candidate competently deliver and communicate appropriate solutions?

4. Ethics (10%)

Candidates should demonstrate how their submissions align with the RGD Code of Ethics.

Freshly Certified Creating Effective Case Studies Educators Edition with images of Bianca DiPietro and Diana Varma
Freshly Certified Creating Effective Case Studies Educators Edition with images of Bianca DiPietro and Diana Varma

Diana Varma RGD, Bianca DiPietro RGD