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What is a Certified RGD?

I believe designers are stronger together, and the sense of belonging, understanding and community is undeniable at RGD. I value higher standards in our practice, because it means good work done in good faith is being put out into our world.
Lawrence Ly RGD, Service Designer, Healthcare Human Factors

What is an RGD?

As a Registered Graphic Designer (RGD), I am a professional who has been certified by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, the non-profit professional Association governing my industry, with over 4,000 Members across Canada.

Certified RGDs are qualified, experienced professionals who have successfully completed RGD’s Certification Process and have demonstrated their knowledge and abilities in as professional graphic designers.

“Being an RGD provides more credibility to my Graphic Design title. I am able to tell potential clients that I am educated, experienced and that I am up to par with RGD rigorous standards.”
Linda Tran RGD

Certified RGDs are problem-solvers

Certified RGDs are problem-solvers with the knowledge, experience and skills to assess and address a variety of challenges. They provide strategies and solutions that help companies, organizations and entrepreneurs to further their goals and objectives.

Certified RGDs are accountable. 

RGDs engage with clients in professional, contractual agreements. They fulfill their commitments responsibly and work to the best of their ability to match or exceed expected project outcomes.

Certified RGDs are ethical

Certified RGDs are ethical, subject to and governed by the Association’s Code of Ethics. These rules serve as their guide for an ethical, professional graphic design practice and details their responsibilities to clients, the profession, the government and the community.

Certified RGDs stay informed

Certified RGDs stay informed of developments and trends by augmenting their knowledge – including new information on accessibility, consumer trends, demographics, research methods, production processes, advanced digital technologies and efficiencies. With this growing foundation, they constantly integrate best practices and tools into their work.

Certified RGDs are passionate

Certified RGDs are passionate about design and understand that a strong and unified voice advances the design industry. They are committed professional Members of the Association, and raise awareness of the important role and value that design brings to business, society and culture.

Certified RGDs have access

Certified RGDs have access to access a network of reliable suppliers, service providers and allied professionals. They can assemble a team to execute simple or complex projects including illustrators and photographers, writers and translators, printers and product manufacturers, developers and social media strategists, to name a few.