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NewsJun 25, 2024

RGD Future Leaders initiative

The RGD Future Leaders Initiative was put forward by the RGD’s Provisional Committee to celebrate the work of Provisional RGD Members and showcase their journeys in the design industry this far. 

Provisional RGD Members can be nominated by mentors, supervisors, peers, clients, or they can nominate themselves. RGD Future Leaders will be recognized for a variety of different reasons, including their commitment to continuous learning, the effort they put into their design work or their involvement within the community. 

Selected Future Leaders will be profiled in the RGD’s email newsletter (20K+ subscribers) and on the RGD’s LinkedIn (20K+ followers) and will receive a ticket to Design Thinkers 2024 with an option to attend either in person or via streaming.

Nomination Guidelines

  • The Nominee must be a Provisional RGD.
  • The Nominator must be someone who knows the Provisional RGD in a professional capacity either through work, a mentorship arrangement or volunteering. You are also welcome to nominate yourself.
  • There is no deadline for filling out the nominations.

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