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InspirationAug 22, 2023

New projects by Provisional RGDs

Brand Identity of New provisional RGD projects Ecolife Outdoor Living Branding

Through this series, the RGD provides emerging designers an opportunity to showcase their work.

Photograph of car with vehicle wrap

Vehicles Wraps for Canada's Wonderland

Emily Henry Provisional RGD, Sign Shop Technician at Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland Safety and Loss Prevention vehicles, seen by all those visiting the park, are important for how the CW brand is perceived. The old fleet with a bubbly font and shaped vehicle accents in vinyl was retired and a new fleet with enhanced security measures was introduced. The upgraded vehicle wraps reflect these changes and create a cohesive, clean identity for the emergency responders.

Looking at the project today, what are you the most proud of?

This project brought me pride in knowing that the associates who operate the emergency vehicles now can present themselves with authority when handling guest confrontations and emergency situations while giving guests the confidence that they are being helped by trained professionals. Giving others the right tools to do their jobs is a big part of what I do. Usually it's as simple as a poster or training document. Designing the vehicle wrap was exciting!

Emily is strives to helps others communicate their big ideas. As Sign Shop Technician for Canada's Wonderland, she designs signage and identity systems for all their departments.

Ecolife logo

Ecolife Outdoor Living Branding

Nicholas Sinapi Provisional RGD, Freelance Graphic Designer

The Ecolife Outdoor Living Branding is a conceptual project for an identity, captivating product packaging and digital graphics to resonate with sustainable living. Representing harmony between exploration and conservation, the branding provides outdoor enthusiasts with exceptional products and experiences that promote responsible outdoor escapades. The packaging is simple and sustainable for a lighter ecological footprint. The logo incorporates the brand ethos of adventure, nature and sustainability while ensuring functionality across mediums.

Looking at the project today, what are you the most proud of?

I am happy with how the concept and mindset of the target audience is reflected in the design. I am proud that through this project I could share my idea with peers and online communities to receive valuable information and feedback to help me grow as a designer and gain a more comprehensive perspective on the topic.

A graduate of George Brown College, Nicholas is a Freelance Designer focusing designing logos, brand identities and visual communications. Post-graduation, he has aided small businesses with design solutions and is committed to helping businesses grow through design and by creating better accessibility experiences.

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