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NewsJun 21, 2024

Applying data-driven strategy: 2024 Cella Intelligence Report

This article is presented by Cella Inc.

Having surveyed over 500 of the industry's top pros, Cella's 2024 Intelligence Report focuses on providing a universal view of the current state of Marketing and Creative Operations.

The report benchmarks latest trends and offers an in-depth analysis of organizational structures. Below are some key topics discussed.

  • Build it so they will come: Data-driven decision making is invaluable and increasing, but there’s a gap in structured data collection and visualization strategies
  • Getting personal: Personalized customer experiences hinge on dynamic content optimization, and data is the key
  • The AI mixed bag: Enthusiasm, limited adoption, education and high hopes for productivity
  • Creative concerns: Lack of planning by business partners, time constraints on creativity, and the delicate balance between priorities and resources are on the minds of creatives
  • Speed, quality and price: Working with offshore partners is a big plus, bringing additional dedicated resources, reduced costs and extended business support

The report is constructed in sections including demographics, organization and resources, services, culture and retention, creative analytics, marketing and more. This year, Cella introduced a new section dedicated to artificial intelligence, which has quickly become an important point in the operational strategies of marketing and creative teams. 

Download the 2024 Cella Intelligence Report here or sign up to receive a recording of their webinar on insights and highlights from the report.  


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