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InspirationSept 11, 2023

Campaign designed by Intent reflects Women’s College Hospital’s unique approach to healthcare equity

Written by Ben Hagon RGD

By Ben Hagon RGD, Principal of Intent


Intent partnered with women's college hospital foundation to launch a campaign showcasing women's college hospital's (WCH) 140-year legacy and its revolutionary role in transforming the healthcare system to be more equitable for women and other underrepresented communities across the country. By celebrating its own people and their vital and revolutionary programs, the we see things differently campaign aims to raise awareness about WCH's unique viewpoint within the healthcare landscape and present the challenges many equity-deserving groups face within our current system.


The team at Intent developed many creative approaches in a rough, mood board format to be reviewed collectively. Narrowed down to 5 concepts, these were presented to WCH. we see things differently was the winner for the WCH team, who enjoyed how clear it was, how striking the visuals are and how modular the concept could be for future campaigns.


The campaign spans various mediums, including a dedicated website, eye-catching mural advertisements in strategically chosen subway stations, lamp post banners, a targeted social media initiative, community advertisements and in-hospital applications such as elevator wraps, among other mediums. Launched earlier this month, the team at Intent eagerly anticipates the impact it will have on WCH.

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